Global Registry of Watches

Register your luxury watches and keep all their relevant information on-hand, accessible from our private web or from your smartphone. Verify a serial number(1) in real time and minimize the risk of being fooled into buying a fake or stolen watch. Declare your watch lost or stolen with a single click and make it difficult to be resold anywhere in the world. In addition, we provide a way for someone to contact you anonymously in case they find your watch.
(1) Serial number checks are free and based on the watches registered by our members on our database. This database grows daily thanks to the members of our community. We do NOT publish any confidential information from our users; on this or any other platform. The privacy of our users is guaranteed on all our transactions and services.
The Chrono Registry

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Universal Access

Access your private information and our services from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to Internet.
Verify in real time if you are buying a fake or stolen watch.
Universal Access
Universal Access

Search & Recover

Report your watch stolen on our exclusive global database updated daily by our PREMIUM users.
  • Check stolen easily from smartphone
  • Find watches stolen years ago
  • Contact anonymously with owners
  • Share your passion with TCR Social Wall
Check stolen easily from smartphone

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Register and become paperless

Register & Become paperless

Save in your privated account your watches' pictures, warranty and purchase receipt.
  • Authenticity

    Prove your watch's authenticity for insurance or resell purposes.

  • Transfer of title

    When buying a watch, receive all the watch's information securely in your account. When selling a watch, easily transfer all info to new owner's account

Watch mechanism

The First Worldwide Registry of Watches

The Chrono Registry is not affiliated with any Watch manufacturer, Brand, Distributor, Jeweler or other related group. We are an INDEPENDENT entity serving all confidentially.